Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Plane Trip

Atticus, Norah, and I flew to the lake this morning with my mom. The kids have been anticipating the plane trip for days and they couldn't have been better behaved on the flights. They sat and played nicely on the first flight and then slept during our connecting flight. They were pretty antsy by the time we reached the Albany airport (read: running all over the place not listening to a word I said), but I suppose that's understandable. My mom rented a black car, which Norah refers to as "Nommie's Crack Car". I think it has a nice ring to it.

It is even hotter here on Lake George than it was in the Midwest. The water is actually warm and the kids had a wonderful time swimming. Atticus started putting his head underwater last week and is now almost swimming. It's pretty awesome for someone who is self-taught and barely three-years-old.

I missed Paul's two telephone calls today by minutes. One came while we were on a plane, the other while we were in the water. I'm really, really, bummed about this. I don't know if we've ever gone three days without really talking and I'm missing him a ton.

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