Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Paul asked me to post daily while he's away. He won't have much Internet time, so I'm going to try to make these blog posts a daily synopsis for him. You'll have to excuse me if our daily life isn't all that thrilling.
Today we went to visit Atticus and Norah's cousins, including new baby V. Paul has our camera, so I'm limited to pictures from my phone. Atticus and Norah were completely uninterested in V (who is teeny-tiny and darling and hardly made a peep while we were there - even when her siblings and cousins accidentally sprayed her with water), although they did make it a point to yell at cousin M when she was on my lap because I'm their mommy, NOT hers. Something tells me that when the next adoption goes through, we may have a little bit of sibling jealousy to work through.

The big news at the cousins' house is that Uncle John filled the sandbox with blue and green sand. Wow, that is some messy, messy stuff. It has all the qualities of sand (gets and sticks everywhere) with the added benefit of leaving blue and green dye everywhere and being super visible. The kids, of course, thought it was amazing.

Paul's mom had minor surgery and came through it just fine.

Paul called my cellphone while we were in Sam's Club buying a new air conditioner for our bedroom. I'm sure my complaints about broiling make those in Uganda want to play me the world's tiniest violins, but it has been awfully hot here and the kids have been sleeping in bed with me the past two nights. Paul will be delighted to hear that the new unit is small enough that I was able to carry it and install it myself, it works fine, and it cost (slightly) less than one hundred dollars. Anyway, he only had a minute to talk (they're still trying to find a method of calling that doesn't cost several dollars a minute), but he's there and he's safe. He says that so far, it looks a lot like Ethiopia except that Coke has sponsored all of the village signs instead of Pepsi which is the case in Ethiopia.

They flew into Kampala and were traveling today to Gulu.

Here's a picture that the Internet says is of Gulu:
Today and tomorrow, they'll be touring the Schools for Schools program that has been set up by Invisible Children. I know that the itinerary includes traveling by motorbike (wear a helmet!) to visit the homes of scholars, meeting with cotton farmers who are part of the Conservation Cotton Initiative and meeting with a group that works in micro lending. It sounds amazing and I'm sure it will be a fabulous experience for everyone involved.

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