Friday, July 9, 2010


Norah and Atticus are in bed in the next room chatting to each other about what they should do tonight (My suggestion: Go to sleep!). Atticus reminds Norah that they already went to the beach. Norah suggests getting ice cream. They begin counting and now I'm hearing their stuffed animals fly across the room and slam into the walls. Closer investigation proves that Atticus is now sharing Norah's tiny pack-n-play. At least they're having special sibling time, even if they're not sleeping.

To delay bedtime tonight, Norah kissed everyone at the house at least three times - including Uncle Eddie, Aunt Donna, Grandpa Terry, Nommie, Mama, Atticus, Gigi, and Kramer and Bailey, the two dogs. She kept breaking out of the house where she was supposed to be getting into her jammies and going to the other adults in search of immunity from bedtime.

I was out of the house having coffee with my friend Liz (a very special treat!) when Paul called today. According to my dad, the motorbike portion of the trip is over and Paul is still in one piece. For some reason, I was very concerned about the motorbikes, so this is a weight off my mind. I believe that the travelers leave tomorrow for a wildlife park. I'll post a little more about what I know then.

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