Sunday, July 11, 2010

After another crappy night of sleep last night, the kids and I were rather exhausted and grumpy today.

We went on a family boat ride down the lake and Atticus and Norah tried swimming off the boat for the first time near Pell's Point. They were fearless and enjoyed themselves immensely. They then immediately fell asleep on top of me on the boat ride home. At one point, we hit some huge waves that washed over the boat, dousing all of us quite thoroughly. Both kids just rolled over and fell back asleep. Changing bedrooms and not having a door to shut or bed big enough to share with Mama keeps them from sleeping and makes our lives hell, but soaking them with water isn't a problem. Go figure.

This afternoon when they were supposed to be napping, I was spying on the kids. They were both standing up in Norah's port-a-crib and had pulled everything off the dresser into her bed and opened it. There was one big box that they couldn't figure out, however, and I overheard Atticus say, "Stay here Norah. I going to go get the scissors." Just what we need... Tonight, they were back in their normal bedroom, and Norah fell right to sleep. Atticus didn't fuss or monkey around too much (thank heavens!), but at one point he was making noise and when I went up, he had found a wrench and was walking around trying to "fix" things.

I missed Paul's phone call today, but he left a message saying that they went on a riverboat safari. According to this website, Winston Churchill and Theodore Roosevelt both traveled through Murchison Falls National Park, and parts of The African Queen were filmed there. Paul said that they saw more elephants, hippos, giraffes, and antelope. I wonder if he's become jaded about those animals since they saw them yesterday too.

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