Thursday, June 10, 2010

Water Babies and Restaurants

We went to the waterpark today with friends. What a different experience it was compared to last summer when we had to constantly worry that our kids would fall over in the water and not be able to get up! Atticus and Norah are growing so fast. I know I've said that before (many times), but it constantly amazes me. They have long, drawn-out conversations these days. They tell complex stories that outside audiences can kind of understand:
"Atticus and Norah and Mama and Papa went to the restaurant. We say thank you and please. Then the man in the hat made fire on the table and Atticus was scared and I said, 'I want to go home!' I didn't like it! Papa and Atticus went home, but Mama and Norah watched the fire."
Translation: We took the kids to Hana Yori thinking they would be entranced by the hibachi grill where the chef cooks at your table. It was supposed to be a very special treat. We got them all dressed up and they used beautiful manners at the table while enjoying California rolls and trying out their chopsticks. Then the chef came and was wearing a big hat and starting a fire (which only firetrucks are supposed to do) and Atticus lost his everloving stuff and screamed loud enough to stop the entire restaurant dead in its tracks. He was scared out of his mind and nothing would calm him down. Finally, Paul took him home while Norah and I waited in the lobby for the rest of the meal to be prepared so that we could take it home in Styrofoam containers.

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