Saturday, June 26, 2010


At the Luxembourg Gardens

A view from the Centre Pompidou - We went through an exhibit of feminist art that had a large representation of rather graphic art and it was currently being attended by a huge number of French grade schoolers. Not something you would see happen is the United States!
There was a flash dance party in the street outside out hotel one night. We sat in our window drinking wine and watching for quite a while, but when we finally got up the courage to join the fun, it shut down.
We stayed in the Marais, which meant a trek past Notre Dame whenever we were crossing the Seine. These guys who flank the doorways always make me want to take pictures.
We're back! Paul and I had a wonderful time in Paris and are so grateful to my parents and grandma for making the trip possible by keeping Atticus and Norah for us. We missed them terribly, but it was also lovely to have some time for ourselves in such a beautiful city.
I'm going to create separate posts about Alex and Arthur's fabulous wedding and I think the amazing food we consumed deserves its own post too. Our days that didn't revolve around the wedding were also fantastic. We wandered around Paris for hours on end, exploring streets, stopping to eat, checking out museums and gardens, stopping to eat some more, and then walking. I studied abroad in Paris during college and Paul has also been there with me a couple of times, so we didn't feel obliged to visit any of the major tourist sites. It was amazing just spending time together without any of the day-to-day obligations and distractions of regular life.


Ed said...

Such a great trip you two had, and you both look rested. We enjoyed the kids at the lake, nice to see things again thru young eyes.

Kristin said... romantique!

Anonymous said...

i'm so happy you two had that beautiful time together. your pictures are so lovely :) yay!!!
love jana