Monday, June 14, 2010

Atticus and Norah's Big Adventure

Tonight I left Atticus and Norah in Upstate New York with my parents and grandparents. Paul and I are going to be attending a wedding in Paris and my parents very nicely volunteered to host the kids so that we could go. I know they will have a wonderful time swimming, fishing, exploring, and spending time with Nommie, Grandpa Terry, and GiGi. I may have cried a little bit in the airport. I may be a little worried about whether the kids will sleep okay. Nevertheless, I'm sure they'll have a great time. My mom sent me these pictures of tonight's activities. Something tells me that Atticus and Norah might be eating a lot of ice cream this week. I have to admit that we hit the Windchill Factory last night too. The highlight was when Norah had an accident while sitting on my lap and then we had to run an errand before driving back to camp and my pants and underwear were wet with urine that wasn't my own... and right now that thought totally makes me miss my kids.

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