Monday, May 24, 2010

Pictures of the Child Who Wasn't Naked

They were painting our fence with water. Other weekend activities included playing with dirt, eating dirt, adding water to dirt, dumping mud in their own hair, chasing the dog with mud... I think you get the picture. We also went to the beach (hooray!) and did a lot of gardening. I buried some peas and Atticus dug them up and returned them to me. I planted some marigolds and Norah picked them to present to me. On Saturday, Paul went out of town to visit his grandmother and I was in charge of putting the kids to bed by myself. After a brief period of scampering feet, they were quiet, which I took to mean that they must be cuddling and falling asleep (complete and utter optimism on my part). Closer inspection revealed that they had stripped off their jammies and diapers, locked themselves in our bedroom (we really need to remove that lock) and had dumped all the clean laundry out of the three laundry bins so that they could put the baskets over their heads while jumping on our bed.
Our lives were so boring before we had kids. Seriously, what did we do all day?


Brenna said...

Wow. This sounds so familiar :)

Ed said...

Boy do I have a paint job for them
this summer.......