Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Atticus!

Somebody woke up at 6:30 this morning anticipating his birthday. By 3 p.m., after I'd given up all hope of getting him to nap, he was sitting at the table to wait for his "party" (dinner scheduled with Grandma Bebee for 5 p.m.). I guess if we were wondering how old our kids would have to be to appreciate their birthdays we know our answer now.
Despite my moaning and groaning on Facebook about the difficulties encountered with Betty Crocker, the cake turned out well and Atticus was thrilled with it. The instructions in their online video tutorial were actually pretty easy to follow, they just didn't include information about what to do when you're covered in frosting, you've just dropped a train car, your son comes down from his "nap" to announce that he has to go potty immediately, and you know that leaving the cake will be an invitation to the dog to try it.
Atticus, you are such a precious gift to me and Bapa and we're so grateful to be your parents. You're growing so fast and we're constantly amazed by the skills you gain and the stunts you try. You're sweet and cuddly and the very best brother Norah could ever ask for. We love you Ahdy!

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