Monday, March 29, 2010

Patient Puppy

As you can see, a professional fixed Atticus's hair bright and early Sunday morning. Our days as novice barbers are done and we'll never try to cut it at home again.

All of these pictures were taken this evening. We'd just gotten home from the optometrist' office. Norah had eaten the nosepiece of her glasses, so they replaced that and then the doctor gave her a quick check-up. As soon as we got home, the kids invented a new game to play with Stella. As near I could tell, the object was to see who could get closest to Stella without getting kissed.
It was highly entertaining.
Then someone took it just a little too far and I had to put an end to it:
Within 42 minutes of our appointment time, Norah had dropped her glasses on the floor while running and Atticus had stepped upon them and broken the earpiece. It's a good thing that the glasses aren't essential to her well-being (the doctor actually said we could wait until she started school to get them, but we have good vision insurance), because she does not get to wear them very often!

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