Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sometimes the Weather Forecaster Is Actually Right

The "new" sled
The Hill of Doom at Dinkeneh and Sisaye's house
Watching Grandpa Terry use the snowblower
Making snow angels with Nommie
The winter storm arrived as predicted yesterday. I tend to be a grump about cold weather and complain too much about how many layers the kids have to wear and how hard it is to get out of the house. A good snow storm always cheers me up. It's clean and beautiful outside, the kids are exhausted from playing in the snow, and even the dog is smelling a little more fresh after a nice snow bath.
This morning we went sledding with Dinkeneh and Sisaye and then came home to meet Grandpa Terry and Nommie who had come to snowblow our walks and give us the sled that's been in the family since my mom was a child. I think this means it's an antique.

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Kristin said...

As a California kid, this looks just magical to me. So glad you all had fun!