Friday, January 15, 2010

Adoptions in Haiti

Please consider emailing your state senators to ask that they do anything in their power to help expedite adoptions from Haiti. Haitian adoption has always been notoriously slow, but in this new dire situation it is not unlikely that the needs of children in institutional care will fall through the cracks. There are many, many families who have already been matched with children residing in Haitian orphanages and are awaiting the proper paperwork to bring their children home. It would be far better for these children to be with their new families than to remain in institutional care. Click on this link to connect with your senators.

I have felt so powerless while watching the news this week. Sending a couple of letters and donating to Doctors Without Borders seems like such a pale and feeble response to the devastation that is occurring. How is it possible that some of us lead such lucky and comfortable lives while others are going through hell? I don't understand it.

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Jane said...

Done...I think we both read the same blog:) It's such a great idea and easy to do, too.

Thanks for posting it!