Friday, January 29, 2010

Sibling Moment

This morning Atticus went downstairs before Norah got dressed. When they met on the stairs and he saw her outfit he exclaimed, "Oh No-rah, you got dressed! I so proud of you!" Then she gave him a big hug and replied, "I wuv you Atticus!"

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More Effective Than a Cup of Coffee

All children benefit from routine, but Atticus seems to crave it particularly. The problem is that he'll observe us repeating the same actions two or three times and decide that it's our new routine which must not be varied. Mama must carry him out to the car in the morning while Bapa carries out Norah. If Bapa brings them home from daycare, then Mama has to meet them at the car and carry Norah in. If Mama brings them home by herself, then Norah gets taken out of her carseat first while Atticus hides under a blanket and Mama wonders aloud where he's gone. Atticus gets carried to the adult bed in the morning first. When I pick him up from his bed I'm supposed to exclaim, "Oof! You're so heavy!" If I forget, he says it for me. If Norah is already in our bed, he's not a happy camper - even though she always joins us within a few minutes of her brother getting there. He has to have the pink highchair. Bedtime routines must include Cat, Bear, and Duck. Vary from any of this, and we're sure to hear about it.

A couple of mornings this week Paul has been party to some particularly shrill cries of indignation because he hasn't gone down the hill on the way to BeBee's house. It's possible to take two different routes - one leading downhill and one that goes on a flat road. Atticus doesn't care which way we take to the grocery store or the park, but apparently it is very, very, VERY important that Paul adheres to the established method of driving to daycare.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Adoptions in Haiti

Please consider emailing your state senators to ask that they do anything in their power to help expedite adoptions from Haiti. Haitian adoption has always been notoriously slow, but in this new dire situation it is not unlikely that the needs of children in institutional care will fall through the cracks. There are many, many families who have already been matched with children residing in Haitian orphanages and are awaiting the proper paperwork to bring their children home. It would be far better for these children to be with their new families than to remain in institutional care. Click on this link to connect with your senators.

I have felt so powerless while watching the news this week. Sending a couple of letters and donating to Doctors Without Borders seems like such a pale and feeble response to the devastation that is occurring. How is it possible that some of us lead such lucky and comfortable lives while others are going through hell? I don't understand it.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Can't Believe I'm about to Link to Dr. Phil

I loathe the man - truly I do. Today's episode was playing on TV when I was at the gym today, however, and I ended up in a sniffling away to it while on the elliptical trainer. Entitled "How Do You Define a Modern Family", it featured two mothers who have adopted transracially. One of them was seeking advice about how to handle intrusive and rude questions that she gets about adoption when she's out with her daughter. I didn't learn anything from his list of cross-cultural adoption dos and don'ts (because they were all things I'd heard before and long ago absorbed), but it warmed my heart to think that a wide audience across America was seeing these families profiled and hearing about what they shouldn't be saying.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Grandpa Terry's Train

My dad very nicely shared his favorite childhood train with Atticus and Norah over the weekend and my mom shot these videos of it. Atticus has been talking up a storm whenever he's supposed to be sleeping lately, and a common request now is for Grandpa Terry to come over to play trains with him.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sometimes the Weather Forecaster Is Actually Right

The "new" sled
The Hill of Doom at Dinkeneh and Sisaye's house
Watching Grandpa Terry use the snowblower
Making snow angels with Nommie
The winter storm arrived as predicted yesterday. I tend to be a grump about cold weather and complain too much about how many layers the kids have to wear and how hard it is to get out of the house. A good snow storm always cheers me up. It's clean and beautiful outside, the kids are exhausted from playing in the snow, and even the dog is smelling a little more fresh after a nice snow bath.
This morning we went sledding with Dinkeneh and Sisaye and then came home to meet Grandpa Terry and Nommie who had come to snowblow our walks and give us the sled that's been in the family since my mom was a child. I think this means it's an antique.