Monday, December 7, 2009

Just Call Us Eight-Eyes

Norah got glasses today. Keeping them on her while simultaneously getting her to pose for pictures has proven next to impossible for tonight. She's in love with the pink "purse" that they came in and telling her she can only carry it if she's wearing her glasses seems to help. Tonight I wore my own gold glasses to show my solidarity.


Jane said...

What cuteness! Both of you actually;)

Angie said...

She looks great in them! If you ever need help figuring out best/cheapest/ most durable, let me know. Unfortunately, I'm a pro! Ella got hers when she was 4 months old!

Ed said...

What a cute picture of two cute girls.

jana said...

adorable!!!! i miss you guys. i had the best time ever reading your latest post of all the updates. it made me so happy, i plan to re-read it everyday :) we'll be in s.b. the 21st or 22nd to the morning of the 26th. really hoping to come see you guys. will you be in town?