Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Locked Door

Today's photographs were taken on a hike in the woods today. A good time was had by all. Also pictured is an image of what happens when you let your two children play together while you get dressed; they take all the baby wipes out of the container, remove the curtain, and clean the windows for you. The "video" is from our drive home from the grocery store. Paul and I love driving quietly and listening to the kids chat in the backseat. If you choose to watch the video, be forewarned that you might want to turn the volume up and then look away. The camera points at the backseat the entire time.

Upon returning home, we deposited the kids, let the dog out, and then ran out to the car to get the groceries. Collecting the groceries took maybe an entire minute. When we arrived back at the house, however, we were greeted by a locked door. Atticus and Norah were standing on the other side of the door window waving to us and one of them had apparently flipped the knob that locks the door. Neither of us had a key. A slight panic ensued as the kids started to get upset that we weren't coming in the house but were instead knocking on the door window and gesturing to them to play with the lock again. Luckily, Paul remembered that he might not have locked the back door after letting the dog out before we made the decision to break one of our new windows. He scaled our fence and discovered that the back door was indeed unlocked. Let me tell you though, it sure was a nailbiter.


jwg said...

Which is why you need to keep a spare key, well hidde4n, somewhere putside the house or in the car. Great pictures.

Debbie said...

You're not alone. My oldest son locked me out of the house when he was a toddler. Hubby was at work so I ran to the neighbors and he grabbed tools and got me into the house. From that day on I always made sure we had a way on the outside to get inside.