Saturday, September 19, 2009

We Won't Be Doing This Again Anytime Soon

We had our family pictures taken today. Although the morning got off to a much smoother start than last week, the kids were NOT in a good mood when we got there. Atticus was clingy and shy. Norah had no use whatsoever for sitting still. At the place we used, you view your pictures right after your sitting. All the other families around us were looking at hundreds of adorable photos. In our case, the company had picked out the twenty least terrible pictures. If you think the ones they have on the website are terrible, you would die laughing at the outtakes. I kind of wish we could buy those, because they would probably be starting to seem funny right about now.

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AnneMarie said...

oops - there is no link...

AnneMarie said...

OK - got it to work. There are some cute ones in there, but you're right - they are much cuter than most of these pictures show!!

Rachel said...

I don't know if I've ever introduced myself before, but I'm a friend of Shaina's, and that's how I came across your blog.

In any case, I think the pictures are adorable. You may not think they're great because you're "in it." By that, I mean that you were actually there trying to get the kids to smile, etc. As an outsider, I'd have to say that the pictures really are pretty cute. You should definitely order a few, because I'm sure they'll seem cute some day.

lindsay said...

Oh, that first family portrait is awesome! There are some really cute ones of each of you with a babe, but some are hilarious! :)