Thursday, September 3, 2009

Our Little Pitcher Has Big Ears

Atticus has received a couple of timeouts at his grandma's daycare recently for using bad language. I have to admit that at first we were a little doubtful. Maybe he was just saying "sit" or "shut" and it was being misinterpreted. In June, I was in the kitchen talking to my mom on the phone when I accidentally hung up on her and I let out a naughty phrase only to turn around and see Atticus at the baby gate watching me and repeating it. Ever since then, we've been even more careful about our language.

A few days after the daycare incident, however, we were all in the car when Atticus dropped the toy he was playing with in the backseat and very, very clearly exclaimed, "Oh Shit!" I won't doubt my mother-in-law's hearing again in the future.

This past Saturday, Atticus woke up at 5 a.m. I was just getting him settled down and back to sleep in our bed when Norah let out a cry and I may have been in a bad mood...and that is how I ended up having an early-morning conversation with my son about why it's really not okay to say, "Oh crap. Norah crying Mama. Crap!"

Honestly, I think he may have only heard me use that word once - nearly a week ago. Tonight though, when both kids were fussing in bed, I went in to re-tuck Atticus only to have him tell me once again, "Crap! Norah sad Mama. Norah crying. Oh crap!" I have to shoulder complete responsibility for his use of this word because it's not one Paul ever uses. (Although I would wager that they learned to "beep-beep" at oncoming traffic from my darling husband who utilizes the horn far more than I do when driving.)

His verbal language continues to develop in leaps and bounds. It's amazingly exciting to see and to watch him acquire new words and phrases almost every day. When he first came home, he was diagnosed with a slight language delay (how they determined that a 9 month-old who had just immigrated from Ethiopia had a language delay I was never sure...), so it's especially gratifying to see. Sometimes though, we're still caught off guard by how quickly he acquires things.

P.S. Poor Norah has second-child syndrome when it comes to recognition of her verbal accomplishments. Since she's fourteen weeks younger and tends to acquire new words a tiny bit after her brother starts using them, we have a tendancy not to notice for awhile that she's using them too. Thankfully, she has yet to mimic my poor choices.


Ed said...

Gee, he is just like his mother when she was little and had been riding in the car to camp with
grampa when he used a few choice words.......the clearest words you ever said at that point.

John and Jenna Gensic said...

Better he learn it from you?

Angie said...

This is really funny! Thanks for being honest about it. Owen said "Oh, shit!" the other night at dinner with my parents and very conservative Grandfather and I was so embarassed. I've yet to blog about it!

Anonymous said...

Oh,I am so sorry and this may be highly inappropriate but I laughed through that entire story. Especially the "oh crap" section.