Monday, September 14, 2009

Enjoying the Last Days of Summer

Despite my bitching and moaning on Saturday morning, we ended up having a lovely weekend.

We went to the zoo twice this weekend. On Saturday we went for a birthday party and then Sunday Atticus requested to go back. Once we got there he started asking for his friends and cake, so we're pretty sure he thought we would be returning for another party. At any rate, he got to ride the train again, so he was a very happy camper.

Paul and I got to go on a real date, including cocktails, dessert, and a movie. Thanks Mom for the babysitting! We went to see Julie and Julia and I loved it. Now I'm working my way through Julie Powell's original blog about the project and enjoying that too.

Atticus and Norah get so excited to see their grandparents and GiGi. There's a special place in their hearts for "Nommie's car". We awoke on Sunday morning to the sound of Atticus peering out his window and declaring that my mom's car was gone. None of us really understand why they're so fond of the seafoam-colored Altima, but they sure do love it and the people who arrive in it.

Here's Norah catching site of the Nommie's car:

We had a picnic. I wish it could always be early autumn!
Someday when I tell Norah that her skirts are too short, she can dig out this picture from the zoo and tell me it's my own fault. They've both been growing like weeds this summer!
Soon it will be cold and we'll always have to resort to picnicking indoors while pretending to be on the beach or at the lake:

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