Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Car Conversation about Being...Productive

This evening Paul was driving home with the kids and talking with them about their day. They like to tell us about playing trucks, or balls, or choo-choo and they love naming the other kids they played with at daycare. Today the discussion continued on like this:

Atticus: Mama work.
Paul: That's right. Mama was at work today. What does Mama do?
Atticus: Mama teach. Mama school.
Paul: That's right! Mama teaches at a school! What does Papa do at work?
Long pause as the children consider this.
Norah: Bapa go poo-poo at work. Bapa poo-poo!


Christina said...

lol...i love it!

Anonymous said...

2 yr olds are a hoot! The off the wall commentary around here kills me, too!