Thursday, August 6, 2009


At Bebee's house today, another child took the toy Norah was playing with and that made Atticus scream.

When Norah hugged me goodnight she patted me on the back and clearly said, "Night-night pumpkin."

The reason the kids have spent the last couple of days at Bebee's house is because we've been having our windows replaced. The only "after" picture I have that only shows a portion of the house has some funny things going on with the light that make the window look a little warped - it's not. Also, the two side panels are slightly open in the picture. We had many old windows that were not designed to be opened. Now that they do, I've already noticed much better airflow in the house (I tested this out last evening by forgetting a pot of rice boiling on the stove) and the low-E glass has cut way down on the amount of heat that accumulates in the house from sunlight.

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Tasha said...

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