Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Notes

Paul is out of town for awhile and asked me this afternoon to make sure to post liberally while he's away. The request came a little too late for photos (plus our camera is really acting up), so here are a few notes:
  • The kids climbed into the race car on the front of our shopping cart at the grocery store all by themselves and then Atticus screamed because I forgot to buckle his seat belt.
  • Norah has invented a new game where she jumps from one side of her crib to the other while counting to herself, "One, two, three, GO!" She didn't want to get out of bed after her nap because she was having so much fun.
  • Atticus opened the bathroom door by himself, climbed on top of the toilet to get down a roll of toilet paper, and threw it in the toilet all in the time it took for me and Norah to climb the stairs.
  • We took our goldfish Margaret to live in a pond today and both kids keep talking about the fish going bye-bye.
  • I let them watch this YouTube video while I was cleaning up after dinner and they were both breathless from laughing so hard.

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