Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Atticus has been sleeping in a big boy bed for a couple of weeks now. The transition was at his own request and has gone beautifully. Until this past weekend, it apparently didn't even occur to him that he could get out of bed on his own.

Tonight about half an hour after the kids "went to sleep" I heard a noise that sounded suspiciously similar to the one our bed makes when you jump on it. It continued as I slowly climbed the stairs and spotted a small blur crossing from our bedroom back to Atticus's room. As I arrived in his doorway, Atticus was settling deep into bed with an innocent, "Hi Mama!" Sadly, it was at this point that he realized his beloved Bear was no longer in bed with him. A search of my bedroom failed to turn it up, as did a look around the upstairs bathroom. It seems Bear must have gotten out of bed all by himself, wandered into our office, and emptied the desk drawers before going to sleep underneath the chair. In the words of Atticus himself: "Silly Bear!"

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Christina said...

lol...too cute! I'd make Paul clean it up. And tell him that's what he gets for inviting my husband to play video games on Tuesday nights :).