Friday, July 10, 2009

True Love

The only time I've had to leave a store because my kids were acting out was last month when they threw simultaneous tantrums over shoes. We were in CVS and I had them try on some generic Crocs. Both of them wanted the hot pink pair that was way too small and they didn't take it well when I put the shoes back on the rack.

Today my mom presented Norah with her very own pair of pink faux-Crocs. I have never seen her get so attached to anything. She's currently in bed for the night wearing them, having pitched a fit when they were removed. This is after we let her bathe in them because she was so distraught in the bathtub without them. Eventually we'll have to set some limits on this relationship, but tonight we're picking our battles.

Photo Credit: Flickr public album: Johann Espiritu


lindsay said...

Funny, Elliot threw a fit in Marshalls over a pair of shoes last week. He freaking loves to wear those shoes (though not to bed or in the bath, so it appears Norah's love is true while E's is more transitory).

Anonymous said...

I have a pair of crocs I'm addicted to and what's so interesting is that for YEARS I rebelled against them. Thought they were the most vile things I'd ever laid eyes upon! But then, last night, as we're driving to dinner at a fancy little Japanese restaurant, I look down and notice that I ACCIDENTALLY LEFT THE HOUSE WEARING THISE UGLY (yet surprisingly comfortable) SHOES!

Anyway, I totally understand Nora's fascination. Also, LOVE that photo. Really neat effect and composition.

Life in the Bend said...

I have to admit that it's not my photo. It is a pretty one though! I got it from the public flickr photos:

(I probably should have cited that originally.)