Saturday, July 18, 2009

The African Children's Choir

We went to see the African Children's Choir perform last night. Even though the concert didn't start until Atticus and Norah's normal bedtime, they were both entranced and behaved well throughout it. Unfortunately, I found my camera's batteries were dead when we got there so I don't have any pictures of the actual event. Atticus hung onto Paul and watched the entire performance with wide eyes. Norah was the only person in the room who embraced the leader's directive to get up and dance if the spirit moved you. She jumped and danced and spun so much that I finally took her to the back of the auditorium so as not to disturb anyone.

The singers, dancers, and drummers were fantastic and we really enjoyed watching them. One thing that bothered both me and Paul, however, was the overall tone of the presentation which was along the lines of "look at these poor, cute orphans" - I find that approach to be very polarizing in terms of Us v. Those People in Africa and I don't like it. I think the group's overall goal - raising funds to educate children - is a very noble one, but I wish they would tweak how they convey their message.


Christina said...

Did you go all the way to Indi for this, or were they in town?! I wish I had known.

Life in the Bend said...

They were in town. I'm kicking myself now because I meant to tell you about it yesterday (I just saw the article in the Tribune Thursday) and totally forgot. Sorry!

uncle steve said...

thank you so much for coming out to our concert last night. it's always so good to hear different takes on our programs.

thank you Norah for taking part in our song and dance.

please know that our aim is not to stir up pity but compassion. though our children come from very needy situations, we want the world to see the joy and hope that sprouts from having Jesus in your heart. it is our hope that the divide between the world's rich and poor is not expanded but bridged. our message speaks to the hope and potential of Africa's vulnerable.

so grateful to have you and the family out.

His, a brother with a similar heart.

Life in the Bend said...

Thanks for your feedback Steve. I do appreciate what you're doing and wish you the best!

Ed said...

RAYYea for Norah, bet she slept good after all that dancing.