Sunday, June 14, 2009

Things They've Learned

A Picture of My Garden Today

They love their swings. I think they each spent about an hour swinging today.
Helping with the Dishes on Chairs They Moved Themselves
The hole "the man" put in our ceiling - we had a minor plumbing emergency this week that necessitated a handyman spending two days at our house. Atticus generally does not warm up quickly to strangers. He hated, hated, hated the men who put up our siding and screamed every time he saw one of them. However, the handyman was a nice grandfatherly type who drove a TRUCK! and the kids took an immediate shine to him. Now whenever they walk past one of the spots that was repaired they point to it and remind me about "man" and all the "holes".

It's been a big week for developing new stunts. Atticus tends to be the instigator, but Norah quickly catches onto his bright ideas and is eager to participate. Here are some things they've learned this week that have kept life interesting:
  • How to turn on the microwave
  • How to turn on the sink
  • How to turn on the garden hose
  • How to turn off the garden hose when it's your sibling's turn to use it
  • How to turn the garden hose back on when your sibling puts it in her mouth
  • How to move your potty chair so you can reach the one "unreachable" shelf in the bathroom while your mom is showering
  • How to turn the lights on and off while your mom is showering
  • How to get the toilet paper down from the toddler-proof spot where it lives
  • How to pull the shower rod off of the shower while someone is in it (Did I mention the kids won't be accompanying me to the bathroom while I shower anymore?)
  • How to climb on top of the window air conditioning unit
  • How to climb onto your parents' bedside table
  • How to jump from the bedstand to the bed
  • How to use the soap dispenser on the sink
  • How to get yourself banned from the kitchen until your eighteenth birthday by participating in an incident that I won't describe any further.

As you can see, there's never a dull moment around here. It's fun and we feel blessed beyond belief.


Ed said...

Wow what a week you all had,
and to think their learning
period is just starting.

What one doesn't think of the
other will think of it.

lindsay said...

did they learn that all this weekend?!?

Life in the Bend said...

They learned all of those things this week. They've been quite busy!

AnneMarie said...

Pretty darned cute and funny kids. They certainly are happy!! The phrase GiGi would often say to me was "just retribution.". I do believe it's now my turn to say it to you!!

Angie said...

Oh my gosh. We definitely need to get together. Our kids can together plot our demise.