Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Atticus loves to cuddle. In the morning and early evening he always requests to "duddle" and drink a bottle of milk while being held like a baby. I sometimes wonder if this intense need is adoption related, but at any rate, Paul and I both love the quiet moments we get to spend snuggling with him in our bed in the morning or on the couch before dinner. I'll be really sad when he stops wanting this time together.

My mom gave me these gorgeous peonies the other day. Imagine my surprise this morning when Atticus merrily brought me the vase - just the vase.

I've been doing a fair amount of gardening of my own in the last couple of weeks. It's a great hobby for being home with the kids because they love "helping".

We went to the park with friends last week. Dinkeneh went to daycare with Atticus and Norah this year and it's fun to see their friendship developing. Everyone was very excited to see each other at the park!


Roselady said...

I think that need to snuggle and drink a bottle is innate in every kid. Even Helena still likes it. And, Leo will even wait on the couch with his "ba" in hand, to hold him. Sippy cups are their bottle substitute.

lindsay said...

I love it when Henry calls out: "Mama, 'nuggle. Mama nuggle". It's such a sweet time with active little guys.