Sunday, May 17, 2009

Do You Want to Hear about My Kids Or My Students?

I only have four days left to teach before summer vacation begins. Some friends have complained that I never write about my job. Apparently, the my-kids-are-so-cute blog format isn't working for everyone. I've grappled with that a lot because it's been quite a school year. I haven't had the energy to sort through what I should and should not write about, but I'll post a reflection on the school year soon. I promise.

Until then, I'll just reiterate that I have the cutest, sweetest toddlers ever. I've actually enjoyed having a balance between family and work this year, but I can't wait to hang out with my kiddos all summer. Wahoo!

Norah soothed herself to sleep tonight with the following mantra: "One, two, fwee, four, five, dix, nine, ten, E-I-E-I-O! One, two, fwee..." Yesterday at the park with my grandma, Norah would go down a slide and then run over to the bench to give GiGi a hug and perform a little happy dance.

Atticus has been working on his interjections this week. Uh Oh! Whoops! Oh Dear! Oops! and Oh No! are all particular favorites. They usually directly precede "accidents" that are about to happen such as a bucket of sand being upturned on his head.


Ed said...

This may be one sided, but I enjoy
hearing about your two kids, what
happens in school could be another blog just to keep them separate. It must be wonderful to have them talking to you now.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to hear about both! But, as you know, I totally understand being nervous about how much is too much with regards to work stuff.

Your chidren are adorable and funny!!! I never get tired of hearing about their little funny sayings and antics!