Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pictures for the Grandparents

I've received some requests for more pictures. We're on vacation this week and it's been fantastic so far. It's been cold and snowy (!!!), however, so I don't have any great action shots of us outdoors doing fun things. Here's a little photo essay about our activities:

Atticus and Norah got booster seats last week! We all love sitting at the table together for meals.

They played with their oldest cousin. Norah was so impressed by Helena's drawing skills.

Paul and the kids inadvertently dressed in matching colors yesterday. Norah wore fancy hair ties for the first time.
Atticus unearthed our teapot from a cupboard and developed an unusual attachment to it.

Norah continues to find new ways to explore the world. She learned to climb over our baby gate this morning.Atticus is delighted that my parents' dog Kramer is spending the week at our house and has been running to the window each morning and yelling TWO!!! Stella and Kramer have been stalking squirrels, emptying the recycling bins together, competitively digging holes, and generally exhausting themselves. This afternoon I was running late for my aerobics class and couldn't find one of my sneakers. It was driving me nuts and I finally gave up. Over dinner, I looked into the back yard and saw the sneaker half buried in dirt. These dogs have been very busy rearranging the landscaping for us.


Christina said...

Hey, don't you know your kid could fall?!!?

Eh, that was the best I could do :). Looks like a great vacation is being had by all!

Ed said...

My what a busy vacation week you have all had. Can't wait to hear how the summer time goes for all of you.
Great pictures, so glad to see and hear that the kids and dogs are having such a great time this week.
They will all be exhausted and will probably sleep all next week..
Doesn't everyone keep their sneakers and shoes in the backyard?