Monday, April 27, 2009

Birthday Pictures

We had a nice low-key party with all the grandparents over the weekend to celebrate Atticus's birthday.
Shots from the 10 seconds that they wore these party hats
Norah wants to marry Elmo someday.
I tried a cake recipe I'd seen several times online. People raved about this self-frosting Nutella cake. As someone who is capable of eating Nutella like yogurt, it sounded perfect to me. Unfortunately, the cake part of the recipe wasn't very good.
I don't think Atticus had tried sweets since Norah's birthday in August and he went crazy for the frosting.

The first gift he opened was a TRUCK!!!! Then we spent the rest of the party trying to get him to come back to open the rest of the gifts.
The kids also got tricycles last week. They were a big help to Paul during the assembly process.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Just in Case You Were Wondering How Old He Is Today...

Today our baby boy turned two! How did this happen?!

Atticus, we are so lucky to be your parents. You are the best little cuddle bug and you amaze us with new developments every day. We love you!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Craigslist: Hit or Miss?

I've developed a little bit of an addiction to Craigslist recently. I haven't actually purchased anything (although I did sign up for a free load of mulch), but I love scanning the furniture, household, and garden sections to see what people advertise. This listing from the furniture section is my new personal favorite.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Norah with Her Great-Grandma

Dyeing Easter Eggs

Norah was a little too eager to eat hers.
Atticus = Incredible Hulk? Jolly Green Giant?

Making the Best of It When Your Parents Remove Your Favorite Stepstool

Norah is growing quite attached to the Ethiopian flag that's supposed to be hanging in her brother's room and is not happy when he tries to take it.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pictures for the Grandparents

I've received some requests for more pictures. We're on vacation this week and it's been fantastic so far. It's been cold and snowy (!!!), however, so I don't have any great action shots of us outdoors doing fun things. Here's a little photo essay about our activities:

Atticus and Norah got booster seats last week! We all love sitting at the table together for meals.

They played with their oldest cousin. Norah was so impressed by Helena's drawing skills.

Paul and the kids inadvertently dressed in matching colors yesterday. Norah wore fancy hair ties for the first time.
Atticus unearthed our teapot from a cupboard and developed an unusual attachment to it.

Norah continues to find new ways to explore the world. She learned to climb over our baby gate this morning.Atticus is delighted that my parents' dog Kramer is spending the week at our house and has been running to the window each morning and yelling TWO!!! Stella and Kramer have been stalking squirrels, emptying the recycling bins together, competitively digging holes, and generally exhausting themselves. This afternoon I was running late for my aerobics class and couldn't find one of my sneakers. It was driving me nuts and I finally gave up. Over dinner, I looked into the back yard and saw the sneaker half buried in dirt. These dogs have been very busy rearranging the landscaping for us.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Good Earth

Atticus helped in the garden for a good twenty minutes tonight.

Norah wasn't willing to give up her freedom by attaching herself to a shovel, but she did have a wonderful time running around.