Friday, March 20, 2009

True Confessions

In honor of all the other mommy bloggers who have recently brightened my day by coming clean about the less-than-perfect moments of their lives...

I sent my kids to daycare this morning in the same socks they wore yesterday. All of their other socks were apparently in the same load of wet laundry this morning. I'm happily anticipating summer for many reasons, but high on the list is the idea of not having to deal with teeny-tiny socks for several months. I'm completely serious about that and reflect upon it at least once a day. I do try to buy all white socks (If I could find black socks for toddlers I would stock up because white is not a convenient color for our lifestyle) and I pair them as I fold the laundry, yet somehow those suckers never seem to cooperate with me.


Meg said...

Sorry - I can't relate. Not being a mommy yet I *can't wait* to deal with teeny tiny socks!
But I'm sure with TWO toddlers I won't feel that way for long ;-)
Yeah for summer coming!

Anonymous said...

At least you make yours wear socks! Josh has a favorite pair of slip on shoes that he wears ALL THE TIME and while he would wear socks if I put them on, he's fine going without. It's been in the 50's around here (just a few hrs south of you), and I'm fine with it! Less laundry!