Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Quick Notes

  • My daughter is very determined when she decides to give hugs. Apparently she's been tackling some of the kids at daycare - which doesn't surprise me since she holds onto her brother and the dog far more frequently than they'd like.
  • I think our counting-down strategy to lessen tantrums during transitions may be beginning to work with Atticus. Yesterday, he got into his end-of-bathtime-tantrum position (trying to climb the shower wall furthest from us) the moment Paul started to count. He wasn't screaming, just prudently getting himself ready to react at the right moment.
  • We have to watch him when he's on the sidewalk because he tends to try to lie down and slurp puddles off the ground. Not to be outdone in the yucky category, Norah frequently tries to scoop handfuls of Vaseline into her mouth.
  • Our Swiffer and Steam Shark are the most popular toys in the house right now. The broom was also a favorite until it started losing bristles all over the place and we caught Norah trying to clean her ears with one she'd found. The broom is in hiding now.
  • I love toddlerhood. The baby stage was sweet and I miss it sometimes, but it's so much more fun now that they interact with us.
  • Both of the kids are talking up a storm. I've lost count of how many words they're using, but it seems like there's a new one almost every day. One of Norah's favorites is "wall" - she likes to walk around the house touching every wall and identifying it.
  • Atticus has rediscovered the Ergo carrier and now brings it to us to be carried. Norah bit me on the back last weekend while she was in it, so I think we'll keep her on our fronts where we can see her teeth.
  • I've been teaching The Secret Life of Bees in my ninth grade class and it's gone quite well. It's a great book and my students have been very enthusiastic about it.

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