Thursday, March 5, 2009

Munchkin Mom

We visited the pediatrician this morning. We've been lucky enough to avoid seeing him since our last regular checkup in August. Nevertheless, Atticus began to scream the moment he saw the office nurse and didn't stop until she said goodbye at the end of our visit. I couldn't believe he remembered his last set of immunizations, but apparently it made an impression on him.

Norah was pretty easygoing throughout the visit and even took a spin streaking through the office hallways with no clothes on. (Clearly, that's one of the things you risk if you're one adult taking two toddlers - one of whom is clinging to you and screaming - anywhere.) Miss Norah, who weighed seven and a half pounds at three months, is now in the ninety-fourth percentile for height and in the middle of the chart for weight. Atticus is also solidly in the upper half of both charts. Since I'm only 5'2", it looks like my kids will be looking down on me sooner rather than later. Way to grow babies!

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