Friday, March 27, 2009

Like a Very, Very Expensive Car Wash

We got our Matrix back from the body shop today. Because it had been damaged on both the front and back bumpers and had a lot of broken glass inside, it has been repainted and basically detailed on the inside. The dent someone put in the rear hatch door the week after we bought it is gone and the hubcap that fell off sometime in 2007 has been replaced. I'm eternally frustrated by having to drop a ton of money on auto repairs and then not being able to notice any appreciable difference in the car (replacing the danged tires last year for example). On the flip side, I'm delighted by our shiny rebuilt Matrix and am thinking it was $5,300 that State Farm spent well.


Kikilia said...

I'm at the "I need a new car" phase of life and have been eyeing the Matrix.

Can you tell me what you like and don't like about it? How does it drive? Anything really- always good to hear from an owner of a car- thanks.

Life in the Bend said...

We have had our 2003 Matrix for two years now and we like it a lot. It's never needed any non-routine maintenance, gets great gas mileage for a non-hybrid, has an excellent safety rating, and fits our family of four pretty well. When I was a nanny, I could fit four older kids in the car with me comfortably for trips around town. I also love the hatchback and fold-down seats and have vowed never to own a sedan again. It's very convenient for transporting garage sale finds and gardening supplies. It's fun to drive and we were happy to get it back after renting a Hyundai Sonata (or Elantra - can't remember) for the last month. We would both recommend it.