Sunday, March 1, 2009

Communication Is a Beautiful Thing

Stop the presses: I was able to reason with Atticus today to stop a tantrum!

During their bath today he was having a wonderful time filling a cup up with water and then half drinking/half dumping it over his body. When Norah was ready to get out, he continued to keep turning on the faucet. I set the spigot as cold as it would go, figuring it might entice him to stop his games and be ready to get out too. Instead, he loved dumping himself with freezing water and laughed the whole time. When he finally got out, I put his diaper on and then the tantrum began to ramp up. He did NOT want to put on clothes.

This kiddo can throw impressive tantrums. Every limb shakes with rage, the body gets thrown on the ground, the voice is raised into an ear-piercing No!No!No! My mother-in-law, who has been a daycare provider for twenty-some years claims he's very advanced for his age in the tantrum department. Don't get me wrong, he's a delightful little guy, but he lets us know immediately when he's not happy about something.

Anyhow, today when he screamed there was a variation to the chorus. No!No!Cold!Cold! He actually told me what the problem was! I explained that putting on the clothes would make him hot and he wouldn't be cold anymore. Then...wait for it... he stopped throwing the tantrum, sat down in my lap, and let me dress him. It was one of those moments I've been telling myself would come and it was fabulous.

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