Thursday, February 19, 2009

I need...

There's this post I've been seeing on other peoples' blogs where they've entered their first names followed by the word needs into a Google search. Frankly, I didn't find those posts too interesting until I tried it out for myself. The first five results using my name:

1.Betsy needs a day job.
2. Betsy needs a bath.
3. Betsy needs a boyfriend.
4. Betsy needs a makeover.
5. Betsy needs our help.
I have admit, the stupid exercise did make me smile.

We still don't have a final word about our Toyota Matrix, but the Corolla has been declared totalled. I've been very impressed with State Farm throughout this process and would recommend them to a friend. The settlement they're giving us for the Corolla was a pleasant surprise and would actually allow us to go out and buy an identical car. Our current plan is to attempt to get by on only one car for awhile. We don't want to rush into a purchase. Meanwhile, if you own a Toyota Sienna or Honda Odyssey, I'd love to hear your opinions about it. We would be looking particularly at late-model used versions (2003 and newer I think). [Yes, I do feel ridiculously old and frumpy considering the possibility of a minivan.]


Betsy said...


We dont know each other, but funny story...

I decided to do the "betsy needs" thing as well (as my name is obviously betsy also) and your blog was the 5th one on the list in google! So my interested fingers clicked on over to your blog, to find an amazing story about your adoption! And to think, my husband and I have been trying to conceive for quite some time now and I've been reading more and more about adoption. What a great story to fall onto!

Thank you for having such a great heart to do what you do.

Ed said...

Yes a mini van would probably be nice to have with the two kids, dog and the two of you. The Dodge Gran Caravan that we had for about five years was very good to drive and it came in very handy even tho there is only the two of us. Even your grandfather liked it - it wasn't a lincoln, but it was nice and rode good going on various trips with him....tho he did sleep most of the trips going and coming.
Glad to hear that everything is starting to come together with the cars.
Uncle Eddie

Annette said...

Okay Betsy, now I know where I stand with my mini-van-- "old and frumpy." This may be true, but the mini-van is helpful when driving the kids and their friends around. Also, our road trips would be miserable in anything smaller. However, our Grand Caravan has cost us a lot in repairs. Be sure to use CarFax or something similar when purchasing a used vehicle. We did not, and we are poorer for it.

Life in the Bend said...

Annette, you are definitely NOT old and frumpy! You are one of my role models for not being a boring mom! It's just the idea of a van that doesn't excite me personally, but I am looking forward to having one on long trips and for transporting large items from estate and yard sales.

Paul inherited a couple of Dodge Grand Caravans back in our college days and both had a bunch of transmission problems. Both were quite old, but he still wants to stay away from buying one. I'm sorry to hear your experience has been similar.

paige said...

I'm chiming in somewhat late, but the March consumer reports is all about cars, including used cars. We can't decide between a Sienna and an Odyssey either. If you choose used, the CR will tell you which years to avoid.