Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Future Restaurant Critics?

I thought the kids were "throwing" food this summer when they dropped things they didn't want onto the floor. I was so deluded.

These days they're throwing food in earnest. The projectile radius keeps getting bigger and bigger. Lesson learned: Don't turn your back on Atticus when he has a bowl of baked beans.

The most frustrating part of this is that their opinions vary from day to day. One day Norah will gobble down sweet potato like it's going out of style. The next, she'll scream, "NO!!!!" and sweep it off her tray as though she's truly offended that we even tried to give it to her. Even their beloved cottage cheese doesn't make the grade some days. (Happily there are a few fall-back items that never seem to fail, namely pineapple, yogurt, and avocado. The only catch is that we must have plenty of these on hand if we offer them. Atticus threw a mother of a tantrum last night when we ran out of pineapple.) Atticus begged for a cup of milk tonight and then entertained himself and Norah by taking large sips and spraying it out of his mouth. Mama was only a little amused.

According to the toddler books we've read and our friends with kids, this behavior seems to be normal for babies their age. Generally, we take away their food trays as soon as the throwing begins. The catch, however, is that if they haven't eaten enough they wake up at night. What to do? This will pass, right? In the meantime, we feel like we should contact Gordon Ramsay to see if he needs any cute kids to help him make rude comments about food and others' cooking skills.

In other news, our social worker came for our last post-placement visit this afternoon. She arrived. The kiddos acted happy and well-adjusted. She left. It was totally unremarkable aside from the fact that it signifies the kids have been home nearly a year. Crazy.

I keep thinking of things I should write about: the true joy of having toddlers (Really, they're so much fun!), tantrums, lessons I've learned from my students about the shifting concept of race in this country, hair (!)... One of these days I'll get around to those posts!

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Sara said...

try taking away the food but giving it back 1-2 pieces at a time