Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Family Day?

Our Family Day is quickly approaching (February 4) and we're looking for ideas for celebrating. If you're an adoptive family, what do you do to celebrate the anniversaries of the days you met your kids? Ours falls on a Wednesday this year and we've considered taking personal days to hang out with the kids and do something fun. Truth be told though, it's really, really cold here and I'd sort of prefer to save the personal day for a spring day when we can go on a hike or to the beach. Is that terrible? This comes from the mom who didn't feel at all bad about pushing Norah's first birthday party back a week and a half so all her grandparents could attend, yet I feel the urge to make our first Family Day special.

In other news: Norah bounced right off the bed tonight during story time. One second she was sitting in the middle of the queen-sized mattress bouncing along to the story, the next she bounced so high that she landed on her bottom on the floor. I can't quite figure out how that happened. She was a little upset and her brother came over and gave her a huge kiss on the forehead without any prompting. So cute!

I started putting Atticus's hair into dreadlocks tonight. I managed to do about eight of them before he lost patience. If this endeavor is a success, I will post pictures. Meanwhile, at the rate we're going, he's going to be walking around town with a very interesting hairdo the next few days!

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Christina said...

You read my mind! Of course, our day is just a bit after yours (the 7th).

Here's a link to a recent topic on this from the CHSFS board:


I think we're also going to do something with handprints, perhaps on a (large) quilting square. Eventually, we'll have them made into a quilt, maybe for D's 18th birthday?

I'm interested to hear what your other readers think...