Monday, January 12, 2009

Cute Things

Some things are kids are doing or have done that I don't want to forget:
  • One morning recently, Atticus woke up and was happily calling out, "Mama! Mama!" When I stuck my head in his room, he began to blow kisses at me.
  • This weekend he began to parrot "love you."
  • The first thing he does in the morning is enquire about his other family members. "Rah-Rah? Bapa?" He wants to be told where they are and he loves going into the other bedrooms to wake them up.
  • Norah has started calling her brother "Ahdy!" We think it sounds very Ethiopian.
  • Yesterday morning, Paul brought Norah into our bedroom to wake me up and she yelled, "Mommy!" There's no better way to wake up.
  • We tried out bubble bath when the kids first came home, but Norah was terrified of it and didn't stop crying until we'd removed all the bubbles from the bathtub. Yesterday I bought some Mr. Bubbles at the store and when Norah saw the tub full of fluffy white stuff she exclaimed, "Oh! Snow!"
  • She makes a beeline for any snow we track in and shoves it in her mouth. There's no need to comment on how filthy it is - we are trying to stop her.
  • Atticus runs to the window now whenever he hears a fire truck passing by. All vehicles are "truck-trucks" except for choo-choos with which he is obsessed.
  • We (finally) hung new curtains in the living room last night. When Atticus saw them he started yelling for Norah to come look. The kids are transfixed by the translucent panels in the middle of our big picture window. I think I'm going to be very glad I only paid $10 for them, because I predict they're going to undergo a lot of trauma.
  • Norah likes to pretend she's cold and say, "Col..." while hugging herself and shaking.
  • One of our books features a gorilla that kicks and the kids now love to kick their legs and yell, "Heeya!"
  • They share their food. Atticus gets the upper-hand in their "trades". He'll finish half his bottle and then walk over to Norah who still has a nearly full one. He then hands her his bottle and takes hers. Ditto with crackers - he'll take a bite of his own and then trade her. At meals they share food across their highchairs. It's really, really cute. If Atticus notices that Norah doesn't have any banana left, he'll hand her some of his and vice versa. If the chairs are too far apart, however, they throw their food at each other. That was a lesson learned.
  • Yesterday when Atticus saw my grandma walk out of the house towards our car he began to yell, "GiGi! GiGi!" Of course, he wouldn't repeat it for her when she actually reached the car.
  • Norah doesn't throw many temper tantrums, but one thing that sets her off is being told she can't go down the stairs yet (she has to wait until I'm ready to help her down). She gets so mad. She is really, really determined when she decides she wants to do something. It's a quality I admire.
  • While shopping with my mom yesterday, Atticus started calling out, "Bubbles! Bubbles!" Sure enough, when my mom looked around she saw a picture of a bubble bath on the wall.


Meg said...

I had a rough day and reading this post suddenly made everything ok again!

Christina said...

So cute! I may have to steal your post idea, too. I don't make enough time to record the things D says and does on a daily basis!