Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Word of the Day

Snow! Both kids learned how to say it and identify it this weekend. They spent hours watching it fall on Saturday.

Atticus hasn't decided yet whether he's a fan. He doesn't like to keep his mittens on and doesn't like cold hands either. Still, he enjoyed getting a chance to use his swing in the backyard again after he unearthed it.
Norah is officially a snow bunny. Snow cushions your falls, you can throw it, and eat it! What more could she ask for?

We also put up our Christmas tree. Much to my dismay, we needed to set it up behind the couch this year to keep little people from eating/climbing/destroying it. The kids think it's pretty, but they were far more interested in the box. Norah has never climbed on top of anything before, but yesterday she scaled the box just seconds after Atticus took the lead. (Side note: Her messy shirt in the picture demonstrates what happens when you try to give a toddler a sip of your fruit smoothie from a regular glass.)

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