Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Norah Goes Solo

Paul and Norah had some one-on-one time over the weekend while Atticus and I napped. He's been going down at bedtime like a champ; we tuck him in, hand him his Dino and bottle, and the kiddo falls asleep right away. At naptime, however, he will occasionally jump in his crib and fuss. Often, if we pull him into our bed to nap with one of us, he's asleep before we count to one hundred. Anyway, father and daughter spent some quality time playing downstairs and Paul was able to get some good videos of her in action. These days she loves to play with hats and bounce on top of the yoga ball.
I loved the time when our kids were still babies, but I'm finding toddlerhood to be so much fun. Atticus has been inventing all sorts of little games recently. A new favorite is asking to be shut in a closet and then popping out and yelling, "Boo!" Norah is highly amused by this and Paul and I find it hilarious for the first ten minutes or so each time we play (the kids could do this for hours). After bathtime the other night, Atticus came up with a new game where he would hand Paul the bath towel, then squat down and yell "Go!" until the towel was tossed over his head. He has also begun to love putting their toys away. After cleanup last night, he found one wayward truck, opened up the toy chest and put it away without any prompting. It won't be long now before we can teach him to fold and put away the laundry! (A mom can dream, right?)

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Christina said...

wow, the paul video even got a laugh out of Chris. nicely done, papa!