Saturday, December 13, 2008


Paul entertained Norah for quite awhile the other day by touching the Christmas tree and then pretending it had hurt his finger. Apparently, she doubled over laughing so hard. Here, she recreates the scene for you. Also of note: We have a pair of minature hiking boots on the tree that the kids love to touch. Shoes!


Ed said...

ouch .. She is getting so smart and talking already....hope you tired the tree to the wall so it doesn't fall over on them. We use to do that with our trees so the cats and dogs didn't knock them over, so it probably would work good with children also...we so enjoy seeing your videos of the kids. icy and cold here today still - you have to love the Northeast...
Uncle Eddie and Aunt Donna

Beverly said...

not the most sympathetic buggars are they? I remember my nephew just Laughin' when one of us pretended to be hurt! makes you wonder, heh.