Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day 2008

Atticus and Norah won't remember it, but they went with me to vote last week. I wanted to be able to tell them they'd participated in this portion of history. The wait was an hour long and I'd forgotten to bring a stroller. In the end, they were much more interested in the big picture windows and the power strips giving electricity to all the computers. I was too focused on filling out my ballot and getting out of there to remember to take a picture. Still, they were there.

I don't really believe either of the candidates has the power to do everything he's promised. As I drove to work today, through a neighborhood that was recently denounced as a "forsaken ghetto" in our local newspaper, I was so inspired to see it alive with citizens grinning and waving banners while lining up to vote. My students today were almost as hyper and unruly as I'm used to seeing the day before Christmas break. It was an amazing thing to see. This election has helped people to overcome being disenfranchised and apathetic and that gives me enormous hope for our future as a country.

P.S. Obama Poster by Shepard Fairey


Andrea Turpin said...

Amen, B. Amen.

Christina said...

Hear, hear! And thanks for sharing a part of the night with us!