Saturday, October 25, 2008

Does This Make Me a Published Author?

Imagine my surprise this morning when I opened the December issue of Adoptive Families and saw a passage from my own blog! It's on page 15 in the event that anyone wants to check.

It's been an un-newsworthy week around here. All four of us have had colds and all of us except Norah have been slightly miserable because of them. I know we're not dealing with a serious disease or anything and should be grateful, but I am so sick of us being sick. Ugh.

Atticus has discovered that he loves to have his ears cleaned out with Q-tips. He actually requests it and has tried to do it himself.

Norah continues to keep us on Baby Suicide Watch. She's determined to walk right off the top of the stairs, the bed, the couch... She spent a good portion of yesterday amusing herself by putting a dishtowel over her head and then running around blindly.


~S said...

So sorry about the colds, but that's great about the article! Very cool!

Carolyn said...

I saw you in AF! I was excited to recognize the name of your blog. Congrats!