Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Today's New Words

We are experiencing a language explosion here and it's awesome! I know that almost everyone's kids learn to talk and it's a totally normal event, but it blows my mind. I'm so used to talking to Atticus and Norah and not getting any type of verbal response. I still look around in shock every time one of them says something. Here are some new words:

"Qwack! Qwack! Qwack!" (when seeing the ducks)
"Boom!" (when falling down)
"More!" (completely unprompted while standing next to the cupboard where we keep the graham crackers)
"Grrr!" (when bringing his toy tiger to me)
"Moo!" (on the last page of Who Says Moo? when the little cow finally finds other cows)
"Bapa!" (when I told them Papa would be home soon)

"Mik!" (milk)
"Meese!" (A.K.A. more please)
"Soos!" (shoes)
"No!" (uh oh, I was hoping we could put off learning that one)
"Boo!" (the sound cows make, according to Norah)

Today Atticus also learned that you can make a fountain in the bathtub by putting your hand over the faucet. Norah had her fingers nibbled on by a duck and thought it was hilarious. They both figured out how to go down the slides at the park all by themselves and Atticus even climbed to the next level and conquered the big twirly slide. I am convinced they are prodigies.