Friday, August 15, 2008

Sprinkler Fun

Atticus decided to help us water the flowers last night. He loves playing in the spray and trying to drink the water. These aren't the most flattering pictures ever, but you have to take note of Norah's movement in the background.

Our week has gone well. The kids both seem to be enjoying daycare at Paul's mom's house. I miss them terribly during the day, but it helps a lot to know they're spending quality time with their Beebee. I have been seeing many of my former students at my new school and that's been wonderful. I've successfully convinced one of them that I took this job just so I could follow her from place to place; she's promised to let me know when she decides on a college so I can start job-hunting there.

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Christina said...

Sprinklers are so much fun! Let me know if you want to take the kids to one of the free water parks around town. I think Norah and Aiden would have a great time playing together while one of us chased Atticus :).