Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Norah!

Atticus sometimes calls Norah "Rah-Rah" which is certainly an appropriate moniker. She brings enthusiasm to everything she does and may soon be ready to head up her own spirit squad. She is exactly the baby daughter we always hoped to have.

Here she is on her referral day at three-months-old. According to the paperwork we received, she only weighed 7.9 pounds at that point. She's made up for that slow start!
The Day We Met

Touchdown Jesus!
Last night we had a huge thunderstorm and she ended up in our bed. She crawled over to the edge, realized the dog was lying on the floor, and began to "bark" at her.

She is pulling up on everything these days. Her favorite targets are the moving kind and she usually manages to catch my pants legs as I walk by. She also loves to stand up while holding onto her brother and then walk behind him. This makes both of them crack up.

Atticus and Norah have both learned to say "done" after meals. If I clean Atticus up first, Norah sits in her high chair and yells "DONE!DONE!DONE!!!!" at the top of her voice until it's her turn.

I've been trying for the past couple of days to capture a good birthday portrait, but she's a baby on the move and doesn't have time to pose. Here are some outtakes:

Finally, here's one of Atticus because he was getting jealous:

Happy Birthday Norah! We Love You!


lindsay said...

Happy birthday, Norah! What a wonderful day!

Alexandra said...

Happy happy birthday Norah! I love watching you grow!

Jenny said...

they both are too sweet! Happy Birthday Norah! I remember her tiny referral picture. I think the first picture of her would be a cute birthday picture, and Atticus sure does look handsome!

Ed said...

Norah: Happy Birthday...Hope you have a great birtday.
Love and kisses from Uncle Eddie and Aunt Donna.

Christina said...

Happy Birthday Norah!