Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dirty Laundry?

This week has been a whirlwind. A recap of highlights:

  • Atticus is dancing. He has a little dance he'll do when he wants a graham cracker and he'll even spin in circles on the floor if he's in the mood.
  • Norah is saying several new words including ball, bye-bye, up, and down. My personal favorite though, happened the other morning when she saw me headed toward her with the comb (she really doesn't like having her hair done). She took one look at it, raised her arms in the air and said, "All done!" This was her first two-word phrase and I probably should have let her go without a hair-do for the day to reinforce it.
  • Atticus very clearly said "bye-bye" last night after we read it from a book. We're anxious for him to develop more of a vocabulary because he obviously has a lot to communicate and gets very frustrated when we don't understand him.
  • Norah crawled out of the tub the other night by herself! Paul and I sat there with our jaws hanging open for a couple of minutes before we could react because we were so shocked. She didn't think it was a big deal and just kept crawling on over to where Atticus was getting dressed. They both try to eat Vaseline whenever we're putting it on them.
  • This morning Atticus toddled off before I could put his clothes on. I went in the other room to get him, only to see him taking off his fresh diaper that he'd just watched me put on him.
  • Norah is getting very close to walking. She transfers from object to object and will stand in the middle of a room for a minute at a time. She's begun trying to take a step from that position, so I predict that we will soon have two genuine toddlers in the house. It seems unbelievable that Atticus started walking less than three months ago since he's a professional walker these days. Slow down babies! I'm not ready for you to be growing up! (At the same time though, thank you for hitting your developmental milestones on-time. I'm so grateful that you're both healthy.)

Thank you to Clayton for the great photos above from Norah's party. I promise I'll take some new pictures of the kids soon!

EDITED TO ADD: I wrote the title of this post and then didn't mention dirty laundry in it at all. How in the heck do other families keep their kids' clothes clean? Why are the majority of baby clothes pastel-colored? They show dirt and stains so easily! I do the laundry in our house and try to expedite the process as much as possible. I separate the lights and darks but still find that much of their clothing comes out looking dingy. Does anyone have any tips?


shell said...

for us, we only use tide. i hate how much it cost, but it works! we are at 2 loads a day-i am dreading winter with more clothes!

Ed said...

You aunt has used Tide for our laundry also as well as your grandmother, and it seems to be the best for getting the clothes clean. Of course we don't have any little people to keep clothes clean for...good luck with our laundry....

Beverly said...

lots of shout or spray 'n wash.