Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Birthday Pictures

Norah was battling a cold over the weekend and trying to grow some teeth too. Poor baby - lots of drool and snot all around. I've tried to find the pictures containing the least amount of facial fluids.
Her hair fits in two pigtails now! It looks adorable, but she HATES having her hair done. Don't expect to see this style too often until she's old enough to request it herself!
The Cake: Chocolate with Pink Frosting
Paul made her a sweet potato pie because she loves sweet potatoes so much.
The corn was probably her favorite part of the meal.
She didn't really know what to do with the cake and didn't eat much. She did, however, manage to glue one of her pigtails to its elastic with all the frosting.

My parents gave her the cow rocking horse (rocking cow?) that my grandpa made for me as a baby.

She loved the pretty wrapping paper on her presents. Later that night she woke up and decided that one-year-olds shouldn't have to go to bed so early. We brought her downstairs and she amused herself by playing with the discarded wrapping paper for another hour.


Anonymous said...

What a fun party! And Norah looks absolutely adorable. How do you keep her still when you do her hair??

Life in the Bend said...

I don't keep her still - therein lies the problem :) She protests quite a bit when we comb her hair and tries to escape.

Lonnie said...

Great pictures- How Fun! Happy Birthday Norah. I'll try some of the cake please :)

Jenny said...

I love that first picture, all cuddles with mama! Looks like it was a great 1st birthday party, I can't believe both of them are 1 already!

Christina said...

hehe. It looks like a fun day for Norah. Tell her D said happy birthday!