Sunday, August 10, 2008

Another Weekend, Another Lake

We had a fantastic time attending Paul's family reunion this weekend. We don't often have an opportunity to see his far flung relatives, so it was great to get together and relax at the lake for a weekend.

When we arrived, all of the girl-cousins had spent the day decorating for Norah's birthday. She thought the cards were delicious! I don't want to post pictures of other peoples' kids without their permission, but suffice it to say our children had a wonderful time meeting their many relatives.
Atticus and Norah went on their first boat ride. It was a cold morning, so we bundled up. Norah wasn't very impressed by the bulkiness of her life-preserver.

Unfortunately, Atticus started coming down with a cold as we were loading him into the car on Friday. That, combined with the new environment, led to a couple of sleepless nights. He made up for it by sleeping on the boat.

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Alexandra said...

You have some of the most beautiful, gorgeous children ever! I love the last picture of Atticus.