Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Many thanks to Rudy for these awesome pictures of Atticus from Paul's company picnic.
We all agreed that Paul's team-headband from the kickball game was more flattering on Atticus.
Paul was going to take him out of the Ergo before giving him the bottle, but Atticus took matters into his own hands. Not pictured: Me hovering below him sure that he was about to fall.
I love this shot of Norah being "vocal". She's not crying, just screaming in satisfaction. I know I've written this before, but I can't believe this is the same baby we worried was too quiet and passive. She has opinions and a lot of them. In addition, she's much more daring than Atticus. He approaches all new things cautiously. Norah lunges - sometimes to her own detriment. At the wedding a couple of weeks ago I received a text message from Paul. THINGS THAT HAVE HIT NORAH'S HEAD: TRASH CAN, ATTICUS, FLOOR, FLOOR, SIDE OF TUB. I'd estimate we prevent about 15 injuries a day, but she still manages to bonk her head quite frequently. Our pediatrician warned us that toddler boys can be impulsive to the point of stupidity. I don't think Atticus is the one we need to be most concerned about. My mom helped the kids demonstrate how well they're climbing these days.

Have I mentioned how much fun we're having? There are moments, of course, that are extremely tiring and frustrating, but the joy they've brought to our lives is so worth it.


Christina said...

hehe - great pics!

shell said...

I remember worrying about Ben being too passive and quiet. It is amazing what a little time and some loving brings out in them. They are so cute!